In the field of communication, we provide best solutions across the world.

Our services include:

Site Check & Survey:
To lookout for adequate location based on a searching criteria. Search for the correct placement of project and site surveillance using advanced techniques.
Site Acquisition:
The kind of sites acquisition includes new Radio Base station sites, In-building sites, shared sites and includes private, government and semi-private sites. We also negotiate rentals and complete lease contract formalities with site owners.
Preparation of design template
Preparation of the template includes site building. Layouts, height of the building / structure proposed etc. Details of power source and the power cable routing from the source. 
Carry out Civil works
This includes execution of works such as supply of feeder cables, connectors antennas, and other GSM ancillaries.
Internal and external works which include installation and commissioning of base stations, antennas, feeder cables, hybrid cables, junction box, cable trays, power systems and battery banks.
Installation, commissioning and alignment of microwave links, supply and installation of power systems.
Also, we provide providing turnkey infrastructure work for GSM sites including Supply and Installation of towers. This can be classified as:
  • Carrying out Telecom works
  • Infrastructure Designing
  • Material Procurement  for passive networks
  • Designing Networks
  • Surveillance and documentation
  • Laying of cable networks
  • Testing : End to end 
  • Maintenance & reporting