AMOGH is an Integrated Project Management System for effectively managing the complete construction & turnover phases of  large process, power and other Industrial plants. Our project management solutions can consistantly track and manage projects in real time across the entire organization without any location barrier.

Amogh, an integrated project management system developed on Oracle for effectively managing the complete construction and turnover phases of large process,power and other industrial plants, can be provided on both web based server and localized database server as per customer demands.

Amogh(IPMS) has been developed to manage construction management including Quality management for large process plants like LNG, Refinery, Gas plants, Oil gathering plants, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals. However, Amogh can be customized to manage any type of Industrial plant construction management.

 Amogh(IPMS) is designed to manage the following aspects :

 Quality control including welding, NDE, construction quality & final documentation

 Document, drawing receipt, issue & tracking

 Micro construction planning

 Progress monitoring & reporting

 Construction of civil, structures, mechanical, piping & painting 

 Management of project materials (piping, structures, equipment)

 PO management, simulations, inventory, issuance & final reconciliation 

⇔ Turnover of the facilities through punch list management & final documentation

Amogh(IPMS) can be provided on both Web based server and localized database server as per Customer demand. Amogh(IPMS) can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at anytime through user access password. Only a PC with windows browser, Internet Explorer, Java and ASP.NET tools are required to access the data.